Hitting Deadlines In The Motor Trade

As a mechanic, two of the main aspects of your job are getting the job completed properly with all loose ends tied up, and finishing work as quickly as possible. Maintaining the balance between the two is what makes a great mechanic or garage. However, quality of the job you do should not be compromised for speed to meet deadlines. Small details get missed and then further down the line something may go wrong with the vehicle you fixed.

There are a number of small processes however that can shave time off repairs and overall time spent on jobs, without compromising the quality of work carried out – some of which being simpler than you would originally think.

One task that a lot of efficient garages take upon themselves daily, is keeping all of their tools organised in one big set of tool chests. Providing that all employees religiously put tools away after they’ve used them, and are all made aware of the location of the majority of tools they’ll need, precious minutes can be saved searching around for tools that have just been left lying around. On top of this, having multiple kits of the same quality tools helps in the instances where two employees need to access the same sized bolt on a job.

Keeping timesheets does sound like more unnecessary filling in of paperwork, however it can help employees keep track of what jobs they need to get done, and in the long run, can also help managers track what their employees have been up to. Organising a time sheet and printing one out can be seen as a task that nobody can be bothered to, however thinking about how much time it can save in the long run, it definitely seems worth it.

Putting in place a procedure for the more junior members of staff, that consists of who to contact when they become a bit stuck can streamline the day a slight bit too. It’s also important to ensure that juniors are covered by your mechancis insurance policy. Being unsure on what to do and having nobody to ask can be rather stressful, especially when it is stopping you progressing with your work. Off the back of this, it’s best to take all measures possible to guarantee that there will always be a superior around at the time.

There are many ways you can improve time efficiency of your company, and help hit deadlines with vehicles that come in and need to be out before a certain time. If possible, even doing some research on what is easy and difficult about working on certain vehicles, using the internet, will gain you at least some advantage before the customer turns up. It’s always good to assess your business, have an honest look at what’s costing you time and possibly, then see how it can be rectified in the simplest way.