Are there any alternatives to CGI?

With rapid advancements in technology and the sheer dynamism of the IT Industry, it goes without saying that CGI or Common Gateway Interface has its own sets of benefits and limitations. It is thereby imperative that alternatives would be created to ratify the same. As of today, the uses of CGI range from simple applications such as online encyclopedia, online databases and how-to article sites being searched and opened upon command, to the overall transmission and communication of information via email and chatting.

The field is wide open

Indeed, the field is wide open for new players, and there are all sorts of process creation alternatives that are in sight. In this context, the role played by SCGI or Simple Common Gateway Interface needs to be definitely illustrated and elucidated upon. Yet another term that ones comes across as one looks for alternatives is FastCGI or Fast Common Gateway Interface. When there is excessive overloading of the operating system, or the web server in question, the role of FastCGI comes into play. SCGI has its own significance, especially in the emerging world of blogging, DIY websites and e-commerce templates. And it would only be a matter of some time, before further alternatives emerge in the scenario to suit differential environmental variables.