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Internet marketing today  

Internet marketing are so popular in recent years. Many businesses aware that they can use Internet services, websites and social platforms to help them bring more customers to use their products or services.

internet marketing

In fact, it is much more effective than traditional marketing because the businesses can approach to customers all around the world through Internet and can instantly communicate with them so that businesses can easily succeed through Internet marketing.

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Recently, Marriott hotel has announced that it takes a great step forward to their brand images and revenues by successful online marketing.

 Internet marketing today

Marriott marketing strategies

Marriott has been one of the leaders in international hotel groups and established their brand names to many loyal customers. To take a great step to attract more customers, especially the teenagers, Marriott has changed their marketing strateiges recently to be a more innovative one.

marketing strategies


In the past, not many young visitors would like to choose Marriott because most of its services are of very high prices which most teenagers cannot afford. Therefore, Marriott tried to focus on attracting teenage customers through internet marketing strategies.

 Marketing Strategy

Internet marketing of Marriott

Marriott has used a lot of social platform to implement its internet marketing strategies such as using facebook, webpages like tripadviser and even snapchat. Firstly, they use snapchat to find out the customer groups which have great influence to tourism industries around the world. Then, these famous customer groups can interact with other users and the potential customers well through snapchat and facebook. As we know, these two platforms are very popular among teenagers. Marriott can communicate their targeted teenage customers very effectively.

internet marketing

These famous customer groups first let other users to vote the place they want to travel most, of course there are Marriott's hotels stationed in those hot spots .Next, the customer groups will go to those hot spots voted and reside in Marriott's hotel. They will take a lot of fascinating photos, telling their travelling stories in those hot spots and continuously updating the snapchat of Marriott so that users can get instant information about how attractive services and benefits Marriott can provide. Also Marriott will transfer the most popular stories to other platforms like websites, facebook and youtube. Success in internet marketingIn this way, Marriott makes a great success to attract more and more teenage customers and develop a high royalty brand throughout the world. For example, they post the stories made from the famous customer groups in order to impress more potential customers. As a result, in average, there are 600 thousands people watching a video. That means, Marriott can impress millions and millions of potential customers among the world with a relative low costs through internet marketing.

Internet marketing of Marriott


Further benefits in internet marketing

Besides, Marriott has much more benefits than just attracting customers through internet marketing.Marriott can interact with its users and customers through online marketing effectively. Users can usually provide both positive and negative feedbacks to Marriott so that Marriott can take improvements from their feedbacks. Thus, Marriott can further attract more customers, develop their brands and images with better cost management. In the future, internet marketing will be the leading role in marketing.

Top Five Internet Marketing Strategies for 2016


In the internet fraternity, everyone avidly remembers how the beginning of the year is often marked with several activities ranging from end of year reviews to shaping up of marketing strategies for the New Year. There are numerous internet marketing techniques out there. However, we have sampled five of the best and promising ones for the year 2016.

Social Media

This peculiar platform has beaten all odds and critics to become a rock-solid online marketing platform in the recent years. Due to its versatile nature, we expect significant changes in 2016. For instance, a lot of updates are expected to rock this platform due to its in-the-moment nature. Buy buttons will also grace the events this year with Facebook and Pinterest already allowing their subscribers to buy a product by just clicking on the advertisement.

Content Marketing

In 2016, content is still expected to be the king no matter what. We expect 2016, to be the time where enterprises will reorganize their brands, sales and customer service personnel around customer experience and satisfaction. Simply put, we expect a shift in focus from tendency to create more content to serving people with the right content.

SEO Marketing

Expect search engine optimization to be a game-changing technique for search marketers with notable landmark shifts in search. Video content is expected to outpace written content in SEO rankings in 2016. The shift of focus to video content is already evident with Google currently trying out video ads in the search results. We also expect to experience less of news and event coverage with the rise of aggravated content. For mobile search results, we expect to see pop-ups of news from Twitter and Facebook with a deal already in place between Google, Twitter and Facebook.



Email Marketing

It has been one of the great internet marketing techniques for many years and is still expected to live up to its legacy in 2016. By the end of 2016, we expect easier multi-touch and multi-channel interfaces thanks to improved UI. Personalization in email marketing is also becoming a reality in 2016.

Mobile Marketing

Even though mobile marketing has been on the upper ladder for quite sometimes now, we have seen amazingly huge figures. According to a research done by eMarketer, mobile advertising is expected to hit a whopping $100 billion in advertisement spending translating to over 50% of all digital spending. Videos and display are seriously competing for the large share. Currently social media have on the mobile ad revenue.